Process Innovation


My name is Sune Dueholm Müller. I am currently employed as an associate professor at Aarhus University. My work, both within academia and practice, revolves around digital transformation and process innovation.

Academic experience

I have been working as a researcher and teacher at Danish universities since 2012. I teach courses in Digital Business, Digital Innovation and Business Transformation, and Information Systems Strategy and Management. My research focuses on the use of digital technologies for innovation purposes, for example IoT, AI, and mobile technologies within healthcare.

Professional experience

I have held different managerial positions at Terma, a Danish high-tech company within the aerospace and defense industry. I was responsible for all company-wide process improvement projects. In addition, I was tasked with improving and streamlining key business processes in the wake of a merger between two formerly separate business units.


For more information, download my curriculum vitae.


Process Innovation

The interest in process innovation dates back to Frederick Taylor's application of scientific methods to the management of workers and Ford's invention of the assembly line. Since then, process innovation has been a recurring theme in management literature.


"The term process innovation encompasses the envisioning of new work strategies, the actual process design activity, and the implementation of the change in all its complex technological, human, and organizational dimensions" (Davenport, T. 1993. Process Innovation: Reengineering Work through Information Technology. Boston, Massachusetts: Harvard Business School Press).

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the fundamental change of all aspects of society associated with the application of digital technology. This change is often attributed to the advent of the Internet and its impact on the scope, scale, and speed of digitalization. Of particular interest in the management literature is the influence of digital technology on strategy, business models, and organization of modern businesses.


I offer consultancy services as well as customized presentations and workshops within the areas of digital transformation and process innovation.

I also engage in research collaboration with companies with the aim of not only identifying and understanding current problems but also defining and implementing solutions. Through action research, problems are identified and solved, and learning outcomes are derived for the purpose of continuous learning.

I have worked with many both private and public organizations. Please contact me for additional information.